Vale – George Murray & Graeme Monaghan

The following has been provided by Camberwell Cricket Club past player, aficionado and historian Ron Redding. We thank him for his contributions.

George Murray.

George Murray played 85 games for Camberwell Cricket Club between (1941-47). He and Colin McDonald were recruited as young lads from Glen Iris CC by Ron Hatch (then CCC Second XI Captain) to enable the Club to field a team during World War II. George proved to be a competent batsman scoring 1280 runs at an average of 17.5, and taking 3 wickets for 68 runs at average 22.7, and had a best score of 72 for the First XI.

George went on to play 160 games of District cricket for St. Kilda, Melbourne University and Footscray between (1947-61) as an opening or top-order batsman, scoring five centuries and playing two games for a Victorian Second XI. He later led Balwyn CC in Sub-District competition for many seasons.

George was also a successful non-playing Coach of Fitzroy in District cricket during the 1960’s and 1970’s. He became involved in cricket administration with Fitzroy and Fitzroy Doncaster (after the merger) and was involved in a number of VCA roles and later the Cricket Victoria Pennant Committee. He continued to support Fitzroy Doncaster in recent times.

Away from cricket, George was Sports Master and coached the senior cricket and football teams at University High School from (1950-78). He was regarded as the doyen of schoolboy coaches teaching the likes of John Coleman, Allen Aylett and Brent Crosswell (VFL) plus Jack Potter, Ray Bright, Gary Cosier and John Scholes (Cricket). George (a longtime resident of Mt. Waverley) was later appointed Principal at Glen Waverley High School and Vermont High School.

A fine leader and role model, George was a great servant to sport and in particular the game of cricket. His wife (Lola) passed away a few years back, but he will be much missed by son Michael, extended family, and many friends.

George Monaghan.

Camberwell Cricket Club past player, Graeme Monaghan, passed away at home in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on Sunday, 24 December, 2017, aged 82 years, after suffering a stroke earlier in the year.

Graeme Monaghan (was CCC Legend Alan Crilly’s nephew) and played 40 games for Camberwell Cricket Club between (1951-54) scoring 748 runs at an average of 17.4, and taking 3 wickets for 53 runs at average 17.7, and had best scores of 43 n.o. (Firsts), 127 n.o. vs. Kew (Seconds) and 63 (Thirds).

Col McKenzie recalls working with Graeme in administration at Camberwell City Council in the 1950’s. They used to race one another in (Vauxhall Velox) Council cars when returning them to the depot near Willison station.The friends played together in two Hawthorn Colts (Fourths) football premierships, and (in one of them) ‘Monna’ (a sneaky rover) kicked the winning goal from 40 yards out seconds before the siren sounded. His father ran the ‘Eclipse Laundry,’ down past the Police Station in Camberwell Road, Camberwell.

Graeme went on to play in the lower elevens for Prahran CC in District cricket before moving to WA to play Perth Grade cricket. He eventually became the business partner of Dennis Lillee in an entrepreneurial venture which created new sporting inventions. Graeme invented the aluminium cricket bat intended to be used as a cheap alternative for kids in the schoolyard, but Lillee saw a marketing opportunity and infamously took it to bat in a Test match. He also invented the game of Indoor Cricket, but was slow to patent it, allowing an acquaintance to steal the idea and pocket the royalties. ‘Monna’ befriended a ‘Who’s Who’ of Australian Test cricketers in Perth, amongst them Lillee, Rod Marsh, Bruce Laird and Bob Massie, and served as President of Perth Cricket Club for a time. He later married a Thai girl (Goi) and moved to Thailand, where he helped develop the game of cricket.

An entrepreneur and talented creator of many sporting innovations, Graeme was a terrific personality who loved sport. He will be fondly remembered by wife Goi, brother Bob, Marlene and family, and his many mates.

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