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Young Pies in action Read more »

Young Pies in action

This week is the 2017/18 Under 18 State Championships, with a number of young Camberwell Magpies showing their wares around the premier grounds throughout the week. Today marks the end of the preliminary rounds before moving into the finals tomorrow. Shubham Bhargave and Michael Parsons…

Pies up early, get Bombed late Read more »

Pies up early, get Bombed late

The early games went our way, but the afternoon games were a disappointment as we finished up the T20 matches. The 1st XI had their only loss of the Twenty20 period, as a disastrous start curbed any real chance of victory. Within the first five…

Royale weekend against Kingston Hawthorn Read more »

Royale weekend against Kingston Hawthorn

The Pies managed four wins against Kingston Hawthorn Cricket Club on the weekend, with two centuries being the highlight as the batting clicked into gear. The 1st and 3rd XIs managed to gain bonus points as well, having had disappointing losses last week. The 4th…