With superior technology, market-leading refinements and over 90 courses from around the globe at your fingertips, we give you X-Golf

The result of 8 years of worldwide research by that same group of golfers. A global powerhouse in golf simulation technology, established throughout Asia and with growing presences in North America and Europe. Featuring superior graphics, unmatched shot recreation and feel, and premium enhancements such as auto-tees, personalised user settings and exceptional presentation, X-Golf was the sole brand that met our requirements for excellence, precision, realism and refinement to satisfy the demanding expectations of not only our local golfers, but also those simply seeking entertainment.

Put simply, X-Golf is the sole technology provider that had the ability to reset users’ attitudes towards indoor golf simulators after inferior experiences and substandard offerings had tainted many initial impressions.

So for all of you golfing enthusiasts out there, be sure to check out X-Golf for your chance to play at some of the best courses around the world.

Where to find us?

House of Golf Malvern
1339 High St, Malvern 3144

Booking are available online at or via phone on (03) 9822 0355