CMCC Playing Honours


The Keith Stackpole Medal is handed to the highest scoring points player in the 1st XI, whilst the J C Birch Medal is for the player with the greatest aggregate of points across the whole club.

The Alan Barr Trophy is for the most runs made at the club within a season; the Radcliffe Grace Trophy is the bowling equivalent. The age-restriction awards are the Harry Vining Trophy, for the most promising player under 21 at the club, and the Geoff Mitchell Memorial Trophy, designed for players 17 and under.

K W Stackpole Medal J C Birch Medal A Barr Trophy R Grace Trophy H Vinning  Trophy G Mitchell Memorial Trophy
1996/97 D. Emerson D. Emerson S. Cann D. Emerson D. Davies P. Gnatt
1997/98 D. Emerson D. Emerson D. Emerson R. French D. Aston D. Gnatt
1998/99 A. Blackwell A. Blackwell G. Vimpani B. Cranston T. Arendarcikas B. Kennedy
1999/00 R. Wignall R. Wignall S. Cann S. Clark D. Aston T. Fraser

D. Shanahan

M. White M. White C. Binney W. Elliott A. Hardy
2001/02 D. Shanahan D. Shanahan W. Elliott C. Binney B. Knowles T. Evans
2002/03 B. Knowles P. Harper P. Harper S. Pietersz T. Evans
2003/04 D. Shanahan D. Shanahan D. Shanahan B. Doyle S. Hill J. McNamara
2004/05 M. Hayward M. Hayward M. Hayward S. Pietersz J. McNamara M. Kremmer
2005/06 D. Davies D. Davies D. Davies S. Pietersz J. McNamara K. WissellD. Hutton
2006/07 D. Shanahan D. Shanahan S. Hill J. McNamara G. Parker W. Shute
2007/08 S. Hill S. Hill S. Hill J. Roberts M. Wade J. Bett
2008/09 S. Hill J. Lampard J. Lampard S. Stokes D. Hutton C. Thewlis
2009/10 S. Hill S. Hill S. Hill R. Brown B. Howell G. Malhotra/J. Murphy
2010/11 S. Hill S. Hill S. Hill A. Fekete J. Bett L. Tonkin
2011/12 S. Hill M. McClean M. McClean R. Brown J. Bett E. Mayadunne
2012/13 B. Drew M. Dwyer S. Jayasinghe M. Dwyer T. Russ B. Brown
2013/14 S. Hill S. Hill S. Hill S. O’Brien T. Russ Z. Elliott
2014/15 S. Hill M. Whittaker S. Hill M. Whittaker * *
2015/16 S. Hill S. Hill S. Hill W. Walker C. Bridle S. Bhargave