The Collingwood Cricket Club was founded in 1906/07, alongside the formation of District Cricket in Melbourne. There was much co-operation with the football club; the Collingwood Football Club president of the time, William Beazley, also took the reins of the cricket club.

Jack Ryder, then 18 years of age, made his 1st XI debut in the latter half of that first season, and went on to become arguably the most decorated District cricketer in history. The Jack Ryder Medal has long been bestowed upon the best player in Premier Cricket each season.

The first ever Collingwood CC Annual Report can be found here.

Article from Collingwood FC website on the relationship between the Football and Cricket Clubs.


The Collingwood Cricket Club won the following Premierships:

J.A. Seitz Club Championship

1953/54, 1974/75, 1988/89

1st XI

1912/13, 1970/71, 1974/75, 1987/88

2nd XI

1971/72, 1974/75, 1982/83, 1986/87, 1990/91

3rd XI

1955/56, 1970/71, 1977/78

4th XI

1988/89, 1990/91

 Collingwood Cricket Club Team of the Century

Jack Ryder (C)

Keith Stackpole Jnr.

Matthew Elliott

Keith Stackpole Snr.

David Emerson

Harry Lambert

Trevor Laughlin

Bill Baker +

Doug Gott

Tom Tuttle

Noel Shaw

Ken Smith (12th man)

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